The following is a list of the people who are referred to directly, whose works were mentioned, or who are most likely the individuals referred to in a letter. Footnotes will indicate when the identity is hypothetical. The list grows as letters are transcribed and posted.

Adams, Sarah Flower (writer)
Byron, George Gordon (writer)
Chauser, Geoffrey (writer)
Covernton, Dr. C.W. (founding member of the Ontario Medical Association)
Crabbe, George (writer)
Gardiner, William (composer)
Goldsmith, Oliver (writer)
Heber, Reginald (lyricist)
Le Fanu, Sheridan (writer)
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (writer)
Meredith, Owen (writer; pseudonym Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton)
Moore, Thomas (writer)
Reynolds, George W.M. (writer)
Root, George Frederick (composer, publisher)
Tennyson, Alfred Lord (writer)
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang (writer)
Walhouse, M.J. (anthropologist)
Wolverton, Enos (founder of Wolverton, Ontario, Ida’s grandfather)
Work, Henry Clay (writer)
York, Eva Rose (composer, writer, founder of Redemption House (1901, one of Toronto’s first homes for unwed mothers),Ida’s twin sister)